Thursday 12 October 2017

Process of making a lidded gift box

Before I started making 3D projects I didn't realise that it was pretty straight forward to make a simple box like this.

You have to start with measuring the object you wish to put in the box, you will then have a measurement for the height of the box and 2 for the width and depth.  In this case the box was going to be square so the width and depth were the same.

I then needed to decide how deep I wanted to make the lip of the box.

I was then able to draw 2 grids each has the width and depth as a square in the centre and the sections either side were the height for the base and the depth.

For this box I made the base 1 5/16 tall so I could see when drawn on the grid paper that I needed the base to be 3 13/16 x  3 13/16  - the lid I decided needed to be 5/8 deep so again I drew this on the grid paper and after doing the sums knew I needed a square 2 3/4 x 2 3/4. What I did not remember initially was that so the lid fits over the base I would need to either take a smigde (1/16) off the bottom or add a smudge to the top. The score points remain the same on all 4 sides this way it is only the centre section that is altered.  It is easy to see where you need to score from the drawing as it is the height of the base so 1 5/16 on all 4 sides and for the lid 5/8 on all 4 sides. Then when they are assembled they will fit really snugly. 
This principle can be used for any size box of this type.  The video shows this process, I hope this has been useful, please let me know.

Here is the tutorial for the little boxes :-) 

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