Sunday 26 April 2015

Project life storage

I wanted a desk top storage system for project life. One that would hold the colours/cards/photos/embellishments for the page I was working on. I have loads of little shipping boxes from Stampin Up! Deliveries and they are really strong boxes so thought I could do something with them. The 6x4 cards fit just snugly in them as well - unfortunately two 3x4 cards sit side by side with a divider but I managed anyway. 

I used the flaps for the dividers and secured them with extra card stock that I made 'L' shaped tabs with and stuck one side to divider and one to box.

Then covered in pretty paper - edged with washy tape and painted Mod Podge all over.

I really like how it's turned out :-)

Friday 24 April 2015

Stampin Up! Butterfly card tutorial

I made this card the other day after work - I was really exhausted as I'd been up since 3am and wanted to make sure I didn't go to bed! I used a standard C6 card blank - I cut the 3 panels from a piece of card stock measuring 13cm x 9.5cm - I cut 3 even rectangles (well as each was 4.3333cm it was hard to make them identical) - I could have made it slightly taller than 13cm then it would have been easier to accurately measure but as I wanted 0.5cm around all sides this worked.

I used the Stampin Up! in colours, butterfly stamp and punch - very easy to make and very effective - even my 17 year old son thought them pretty and wants to send them to his friends on their birthdays!

If you would like to buy any of the products to make this card or any of my other cards then head over to my store.  Right now there is a half price clearance sale as a new catalogue is due out soon.  Go pick up a bargain!

Sunday 12 April 2015

Stampin Up! Bloom & Hope Card

I have been suffering for about 6 weeks now with my Rheumatoid Arthritis :-(

To help me forget and also as gentle exercise for my hands I have made lots of cards.  I even sold some which is very exciting!

Of the cards I have made while poorly this is my favourite - hope you like it too x