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Hi everyone this is me trying to comply to the GDPR law that comes in to force on 25th May for Europe.

I am a little business trying to make a living out of doing what I love. I share my creations in this blog, my YouTube channel, Pinterest, Instagram and on Facebook. I have subscribers and followers on these platforms and I have been researching GDPR to try and see how I can ensure I am doing things properly so I don't get a huge fine or worse, shut down. I have worked really hard to build the following I have and do not want to jeopardise this.

As I understand it I need to be open and transparent about what data I have and how I use it. I also need to give you the opportunity to unsubscribe if you choose to. Well the option to unsubscribe is at the bottom of the email if that’s how you get my blogs ~ or you can click here (if I have set the link up correctly!).


Your data and my blog 

If you have subscribed to my blog your details (email) are stored by a platform called Feedburner. I can log onto that and see your emails, but I rarely do this as I often forget the name of it! I think I’ve done it about 4 times and one of those was yesterday in preparation for writing this. As yet I have not started a regular newsletter but if I was to do this then I would inform you of this and gain your consent for receiving it.

You may read this blog on the platform Bloglovin. I never access anything on there so if your emails are stored there I have no idea how to find them. There will be the facility to unsubscribe via that site as well, at the bottom of the email you receive.

Your data and my Stampin' Up! business

If you have shopped with me, Stampin' Up! will have your address (obviously they need that to send you your order) and payment details. They will have their own privacy policy about how they use this data. If you tick no contact then you will not be contacted by me. However that means you will not receive a thank you gift from me which would be a shame. If you allow contact I will have access to your home address, email and phone number. I store your home address on my customer address list on my laptop so I can print sticky address labels for your catalogues and thank you gifts. I keep your email address on my laptop so I can email you about offers and news from Stampin' Up! from time to time. The laptop is password protected and NO ONE touches MY laptop in my house! It is backed up on my wireless hard drive which is again password protected.

If you do not want me to keep your details in this way then please click ‘no contact’ when ordering and I will do so. You can then send me your address for one-time use for thank you gifts and catalogues and I will delete the message once this has been done. Older information will be kept in order to complete tax returns for the specified duration that the Inland Revenue states is required. This information is kept on my password protected laptop.

Hope I have covered everything!

I have no idea if that’s everything that needs covering. You can probably tell from the rambling way I’ve written this I am not clever enough to misuse your data! I jump for joy with every order, I take great pleasure in making thank you gifts and I love to send them to you. I know who much most of you enjoy receiving the catalogue. I am amazed at how many people read my blog and dearly hope you will continue.

Hope this is the last GDPR post I have to do! 

Phew! Glad that is over now back to some crafting!


Gez xxx

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