Tuesday 2 October 2018

Craft Room Tour!

Nigezza Creates aka Gez, Independent Stampin' Up® Demonstrator 

Thank you so much for visiting my blog today, I really hope you like my craft room tour!

Yesterday I published a video tour of my craft room and I am over whelmed by the amount of views and comments I have had about my 'Happy Place'. It seems I am not alone in my 'disorganised perfectly placed stash' as one woman put it lol!

My Team leader has a mantra 'don't put it down ...put it away' I hear her in my head sometimes and I won't write here what my response it lol! Yesterday I learnt a new mantra which is exactly what I'm like, this is from a comment on Facebook 'just put it down, clear up later ....maybe never' lol this proper made me laugh as it describes me completely!

I do strive to keep things tidy but then I start creating and it seems I need so much of my stash so it gets pulled out and before I no it I am surrounded by 'stuff' and am creating in amongst it. Then I get another idea and I don't want to stop the creative flow so I carry on! lol

Any way I do have some good storage and organisation ideas and one person did very kindly comment that they had got some good ideas from my video!

The craft room tour! 

My best bits of organisation 

Craft Room Tour! Nigezza Creates!

So this is me sitting in my craft room, this place I spend the majority of my time in....I love it! I am really lucking to have such a great room. I have only recently (in the past 4 months) moved into this room. I used to be in the spear room which was the smallest room in the house, less than half this size and it had a bed in it as well!

My eldest recently bought his first house so that freed up a bedroom and I was just going to get rid of the bed but as my youngest is away at University and never comes home in the summer only does short visits I asked him if he minded if I swiped his room to his brother smaller room. He said go for it! I then just had to convince my other half ...I said with a bigger room and more storage I could by tidier hahaha well that didn't work out but I did a the time honestly believe that!

My Colour Family Card Stock Storage

Craft Room Tour! Nigezza Creates!

This is a plastic 24 slot expander file, it sits perfectly on top of one of those IKEA type trollies (mine is actually Hobbycraft's version that I got half price in the last years Black Friday sale). I have used the Circle Tab punch to create labels for each section, I cut out the colour of the card stock in the folder and write the name as well (I hate my handwriting but it was quicker and using my label maker) I have all 10 in colours at the front and then the colours I have full packs of, they are the ones I like the best. I then have the last 4 sections just labeled 'Neutrals' Regals' 'Brights' and 'Subtles' and in here are the multi packs of each colour family.

I bought the file from Amazon and was only about £12 so not very expensive. There is room at the front for Basic Black and I also put my current embossing folders there as well. To the side is the 6x6 paper storage I made to hold the few packs of 6x6 I have.

Ink, re-inkers and marker storage

Craft Room Tour! Nigezza Creates!

I have the Stampin' Up! Ink pad carousel but at Christmas I put this rack on my Amazon wish list, My idea was to put the in colours in this 10 pas holder with the re-inkers and marker. Little did I know at the time that Stampin' Up! would be changing their ink pad design. As you can see I only have 7 colours in the new ink pads, this rack serves well for this purpose and the old style pads are still where they have always been. As I get more pads I will get more of these racks because I love them and they fit perfectly under the shelf above my desk. There is space on top for the little ink spots I have.

Craft Room Tour! Nigezza Creates!

I love this acrylic organiser. It is designed for make up but works really well to hold my acrylic books and tools. This was about £3.99 in Home Bargains a few years ago but there are plenty of these the of things in the shops. Behind it is an old wooden letter rack that I bought in a charity shop for about £1 and it hold my Stamparatus perfectly and I also keep the big shot platform in the back slot as I tend to use the magnetic platform most of the time.

Stamp storage

Craft Room Tour! Nigezza Creates!

I have 3 of these wire DVD racks tha I bought in a charity shop for £1 each, 2 of them hold my beloved retired sets that I cannot get rid of and this one fits perfectly in the self section of the corner desk I have. I keep all the new stamps in this one and the other current stamp sets are on a shelf above my desk. The IKEA style trolly next to it is not being utilised fully yet. I have all my embossing powders, sponges and brushes on ne shelf and a right mixture of things on the bottom shelf.

Punch storage

Craft Room Tour! Nigezza Creates!

This is a punch rack that `I bought from my team mate Fluterbyheidi, it is perfect for punches, she sells other Stampin' Up! storage solutions. Before I got this my punches were stored in a rack I made myself out of foam board. The current punches are in this rack on my desk and the DIY rack hold all the retired punches (that I am never ever getting rid of!) This rack is on a shelf above my desk.

My Desk!

Craft Room Tour! Nigezza Creates!

I like to have everything to hand, I like to not have to stand up when crafting so I like that I can just swivel on my chair and access what ever I may want. I do not have very much IKEA storage because sadly there is not an IKEA near me. Both my desks were given to me by friends who were either moving and down sizing or redoing their house. I love my large desk it is very deep so enables me to have storage on it and still leave a decent size working area. The Really Useful Storage drawer towers are brilliant. I like that the drawers are shallow so there is not lots of space wasted. Deep draws seem to have lots of air space in them, total waste in my opinion! Next to the colourful drawers is my Ikea corner desk. I love having the 2 desks to swing back and forth to. My Bog Shot is usually on the corner desk.

Yes it looks like I cannot work on that desk but there is a space in from tof the punches so when I go there to work the pencil cases will go in that space and the paper will be put away and then my grid mat will be clear again! There are 2 sets of drawers under my desk that have adhesives, Cropadile and Chompers, non Stampin' Up! tools and stamps and my original cutting system by Creative Memories that I bought about 13 years ago!

So there you have it my craft room, I also have a dedicated filming and photography area by the window, this was the real bonus of moving into this room. Before I would film and photograph on my desk where I created, so thats how things ended up just being piled on the bed in my old room. Love that I have the luxury of this space that is permanently set of for filming, it makes life so much easier and I have been so much more efficient about filming and am regularly a month ahead with my tutorials.

I do hope you liked my tour and found some things useful.

I will be back soon with another project, until then ...

Happy Crafting!

Gez xxx

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