Monday 4 September 2017

Stampin Up 3D Stocking with a back

I wanted to make a 3D stocking from the Trim Your Stocking thinlits, I had a few attempts and this is the most successful.  There is a fiddly bit and you may not like the result but if you do then it's worth it.

To start with you need to cut 2 stocking pieces - you must remember to cut one from the side you want and one from the 'wrong' side so they will be the opposite. Then cut one pillow box in a colour that would be ok to be seen on the seam. I am using Whisper White with the Merry Little Christmas DSP.


Pillow box was folded and burnished and stuck to one side of the stocking, the bottom end should have been stuck down BEFORE sticking the second stocking to it but I forgot!

When sticking the second stocking you need to trim the oval section off first, this is what is used for the insert at the heel of the stocking.

All edges are glued at the foot of the sock leaving the bottom of the foot unglued, this is where you need to insert a piece so the stocking loos nice a rounded. Using the section cut away you will lay it down on a stamping/piercing mat and using a stylus make score lines that follow the curve about 1/8" in. Fold the score lines and apply glue, I think a liquid glue like Tombow works better for this job as you need wiggle room. 

You then need to glue this to the bottom of the stocking.  I start by gluing the fatter part of the oval to the point in the stocking where the instep is, and then I move out to the ends one at a time.  This is a bit fiddly and you need to hold the glued pieces together for a few seconds to make sure the glue has bonded. 

Then it is just a matter of cutting out the embellishments - you need a set of heal, toes and top section for both back and front - I only added embellishment to the front but you could do it on the back as well if you want. 

The heel on the back had bent in slightly (did not do this on the practice one!) To rectify this I just stuck a dimensional on it and once the heel section was glued in place you would not know. 

The bottom section is not as neat as I would like but it is handmade after all so I think the recipient would not mind.

I am really pleased with hoe it turned out and will probably use these as my Christmas table favours with a Lotto ticket in them :-)

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