Tuesday 29 August 2017

Stampin Up No Glue Triangular Gift Box

I have been playing with the Painted Harvest stamp set and using the Daisy Punch to make a flower, I really like how it has turned out. This size flower is the perfect size for a small gift box so I decided to design one.  I like to create by being very economical with my supplies so wanted to use a small piece of DSP.  So I used a piece 4x6. This means you can get 6 from a 12x12 sheet which is very economical.

This box does not require any glue and is held together with a ribbon bow - simples!  I got the idea while watching a crafting TV shopping channel, they made a larger one, I experimented with different size cardstock and came up with this one that fits the flower really well.

To make the box you need to find the centre point of each side of the rectangle, You then score a line from each centre point to the next and do this on all 4 sides forming a diamond shape. Finally you score a line across the centre on the long side. All score lines are burnished.
Make a small impression at the centre point
Do this on all 4 sides

Score a line at 3" on the long side
Score all the diagonals to form a diamond shape
To close the box you fold it in half and let the sides overlap to form a wedge, using a hole punch (I used a crop-a-dile) punch a hole through both flaps on each side. 

Then thread a ribbon through and draw them together and tie a bow, this will close the box nicely.

Such a cute shape
Then I stuck the flower on the front, I made a sentiment using the Tabs For Everything stamp set to form the centre of the flower.

I used a 3/4" circle punch for the sentiment
Really only takes minutes to make.  I think I will try this with different sized paper as well.

Let me know what you think and post pictures of any you have made, I would love to see them.

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